The SGFA is proud to boast members who are highly active in the art world. Sumi Perera has an exhibition schedule so busy that it’s exhausting just looking at it.

We’re delighted that Sumi has been selected as the  Artist In Residence for the National Open Art Competiton (NOAC) from  27 October to 4 November 2016. As a previous exhibitor for the NOAC at the Royal College of Art 2013, and as one of the selected artists to represent the NOAC at the Works on Paper Fair at the Science Museum 2014, she is delighted to be asked to demonstrate her skills as an interdisciplinary artist at this year’s exhibition at the Mercers’ Hall, London 2016.


Sumi’s solo show: LIMINAL SPACES at the Huddersfield Art Gallery (the off-site venue for the ICA London) as the recipient of the Flourish Award-Printmaker of the Yearestablished in 2009 and awarded for excellence in printmaking, had a wonderful interactive emotive performance choreographed by Gerry Turvey and Cat John and their dancers at the finissage on Saturday 15th October

Liminal Spaces is an exhibition of new work by printmaker and multi-disciplinary artist Sumi Perera. In her work, Perera explores transitions, boundaries, structures and spaces. These themes shape the content and imagery presented, and are also reflected in the techniques, processes and materials used to create them.

Architecture, mapping, geography, urban landscapes and sculptural spaces are created through subtle processes that stretch the boundaries of printmaking. Traditional techniques of etching and aquatint are fused with sculptural methods, assemblage, laser cutting, paper folding, photography, engraving, stitching, drawing and even sound. The piece entitled 2B OR NOT 2B explores the acoustics of built spaces: a tribute to Shakespeare on the 400th anniversary of his death. It is an interactive work that explores the sound of 2B and non-2B pencils touching the paper and various interpretations of the phrase ‘To be, or not to be’. Visitors are invited to activate the 12 tracks by touching the 12 buttons and listening to sounds.

In Perera’s work solid structures transform into ethereal shadows and precise mapping becomes constructed space. The work seems evolving and experimental as Perera combines and re-uses printing plates to create new variations, mirror images and hybrid works.

"Liminal Spaces" Sumi Perera RE SGFA

“Liminal Spaces” Sumi Perera RE SGFA

Perera’s approach to her practice reflects her background. Since the age of three she lived between Sri Lanka, England and Scotland. This nomadic wandering has resulted in a multicultural element to the work that blurs geographical boundaries. Her meticulous visual research, experimentation and technical accuracy can be traced back to her career background in medicine. These factors have all contributed to delicate works that combine precision with ambiguity.

"Unbuilding Blocks XX" by Sumi Perera, winner of the Florish Award 2015.

“Unbuilding Blocks XX” by Sumi Perera, winner of the Florish Award 2015.

Sumi Perera won the 2015 Flourish Award. The Flourish Award was established in 2009 by West Yorkshire Print Workshop to champion and showcase excellence in printmaking across Yorkshire. The award now provides printmakers from across the UK with the opportunity to exhibit their work in a group exhibition at the WYPW Gallery. The winner of the award goes on to present their own solo exhibition at Huddersfield Art Gallery.


The print “UNBUILDING BLOCKS XX”, etching, aquatint, embossing & mono print, 225 x 50 cm has been selected by Sir Norman Ackroyd RA, for the MASTERS INTAGLIO Exhibition at Bankside Gallery, London from the 9th-20th November.

The work that Sumi made to commemorate the Bard’s 400th Anniversary, an interactive sound installation titled: 2B or not 2B  and Think Outside The Building Blocks XX was selected for the RBSA OPEN PRINT PRIZE In Birmingham.The latter was awarded the St Cuthberts Mill Prize.

Variations on the theme of 2B or not 2B will also be shown at the Shakespeare Festival in California and a touring exhibition in the USA.

She will also be exhibiting at the Art In Print at the Highpoint Centre for Printmaking  Minneapolis, Minnesota USA. 28th October-23rd November 2016

“THINK OUTSIDE THE BUILDING BLOCKS XX” by Sumi Perera SGFA, winner of the St Cuthberts Mill Prize at the RBSA Open Print Prize Exhibition, Birmingham.

“THINK OUTSIDE THE BUILDING BLOCKS XX” by Sumi Perera SGFA, winner of the St Cuthberts Mill Prize at the RBSA Open Print Prize Exhibition, Birmingham.


Sumi also has work selected for GLOBAL MATRIX IV, a touring exhibition of International Contemporary Prints, 2017-2019 in the USA.

A 10 year Retrospective of Collaborative Projects that she has conducted since 2006, is on at the Centre for Fine Print Research. She would like to thank all the SGFA members that contributed to this project.



Other exhibitions that Sumi is showing in:

Black Swan Arts Open 2016. Black Swan Arts Gallery, Frome, Somerset. 21st Oct-19th Nov 2016

Pushing Boundaries. Farmleigh Gallery, Dublin. 27th October 22nd December 2016

World Buildings Project A United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) Inititaive. Unveiling-Caritas Building. Minden, Germany 24th Sept [for 5 years] Her work GENDER… explores to possibilities of attaining the UN SDGs nos: 3, 4 & 5


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