Best Work in Monochrome Winner: Skindeep by Annie Burrows

“I can’t remember when I didn’t draw. “Skindeep” is a standalone piece.  However, it came from revisiting previous work based on body prints and an interest in body modification.  The juxtaposition of natural texture and a piercing or tattoo and the tensions and beauty within that interested me.

Anne Burrows Sketchbook Image

Annie Burrows Sketchbook Image


The body has always been a good starting point for me, although I also really enjoy making site specific work.

I’m working on a drawing based stop-motion animation at the moment that is created with a selection of white pencils on black paper.  I have incorporated the Colour Soft white pencil from my prize in this work already but haven’t yet decided what I will do next with the rest of the prize.

Putting my work forward for Draw 16 led to meeting some new and interesting people, seeing some wonderful drawings, and an opportunity to exhibit in a great space.

I felt very honoured to receive the award, there was some amazing work in the show.”

The Best Work in Monochrome Prize was sponsored by Stabilo International.

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