An enormous amount of work goes into making the SGFA’s Annual Exhibition at the Menier Gallery a success. Here’s an insight into what goes on before the gallery opens its doors to the public:

Sunday 5am: SGFA Members begin waking up and making the trip to London from across the UK.

10am: The hanging team arrive at the gallery and set up for the drop off of work. Tables and chairs are arranged, lists put out to be checked off and the walls are each allocated a paper letter and plan showing which works hang where.

14524575_1066016230179673_4449921532301101599_o11am: The members begin to queue with their works to drop off, the desks work on a flow system and members first receive a number then find out which wall the work hangs on. Hanging team helpers carry the works to the correct walls. Cards and folios are signed in and the desk team check all details are correct.

The work sent via Art Moves arrives and is checked off against the lists and moved to the correct  walls.

12:30 pm: The work has all been signed in and placed where it needs to go. Over 200 works are featured in the show. The hanging team start putting up the pictures.

4pm: The hang is finished ready for the gallery to open it’s doors.

Draw 16 runs from 3 October – 15 October 2016 at the Menier Gallery, Southwark Street, London.