Wendy Winfield SGFA

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Website: www.wendywinfield.com

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The Practice

Drawing is integral to my work. The drawn line a direct response of the hand and eye to the image seen or perceived is where it all begins. Transforming this into paint is something else. My paintings aim to maintain a constant dialogue between drawing and painting. Additionally I must confront three essentials:- form colour and the marriage between figure and ground.

Early Influences

When as a young art student I studied Piero Della Francesca as my thesis subject the harmony he created by applying his ideals of proportion to the two-dimensional surface has remained a constant goal for me. Cezanne figured strongly in my student days as an exemplifier of visual perception. He is a master I continue to keep in mind. I find myself frequently reusing familiar motifs – pots, fruit, drapery, and incorporating them into their surroundings to evoke both unity and friction.

Other influences are numerous, not least Matisse who has many artists in thrall. For colour of course and also for the way he allows his overpainting to let you see the painting underneath, the second thought not obliterating the first; these iterations intensifying the viewer’s experience. Additionally for me he is a great draughtsman.

Some years ago I was lucky enough to be introduced via Abe Rattner, a New York expressionist painter to all those American masters. Later through Roy Oxlade whose mentor was David Bomberg I was encouraged to use the medium in a direct and spontaneous way whether drawing or painting.

Why Unfinished?

Because for an artist there is never a finite result. I am still searching. No work is ever finished; finishing a painting is for me a contradiction. At a certain point a drawing or a painting must look after itself and I either walk away and let it be or just as likely discard it.

Studied at

Kingston School of Art (Painting)
Coutauld Institute (History of modern art)
Abraham Rattner (New York)
Roy Oxlade

Career included advertising, teaching, and exhibition curating.

Last twenty years concentrating on painting, drawing and exhibiting

2006/07/08 taught landscape painting in France.

Taken part in several exhibitions nationally and had regular solo London shows with Piers Feetham Gallery since 2003.