Shelley Ashkowski ASGFA


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I was born in Wiltshire and after moving around the UK I returned to the West Country where I now reside and work. After studying at Cardiff Metropolitan University, I spent nearly twenty years teaching art in secondary schools. Nearly three years ago I decided to leave the classroom and establish myself as a full-time professional artist. I have exhibited my work both locally and nationally.  I consider myself to be a loyal member of my local community, supporting a range of charities and other causes through donation of art works.

I enjoy observing everyday life in urban settings with people and places being a key feature of much of my work. My most recent series explores modern society’s relationship with religion and includes studies of churches and cathedrals, often drawn in an architectural style.  There is also a particular emphasis on the beauty and symbolism in stained glass windows; not only are they ever-changing, responding to external light sources but they also embody intriguing stories often told through symbolic imagery and colour. It’s a real shame that these beautiful historical works of art are becoming increasingly overlooked as modern society engages less with religion and this has inspired me to share them widely and celebrate their aesthetic value.