Samantha Payne SGFA


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My work falls into two categories, drawing and textiles, each fuelling the other. I am primarily concerned with mark making and how it can create the illusion of pictorial space. Drawing is fundamental to all my work, and working from first-hand observation is, I believe, crucial. I enjoy quintessentially English scenes as subject matter, and particularly admire the work of Samuel Palmer, Graham Sutherland, Stanley Spencer and John Piper.

As a teacher of Fine Art Textiles and Drawing for the past 18 years, I have been able to experience the progression of an idea and the consequent effects of this on the work of the pupil and the teacher. This keeps the work of both exciting and fresh. It is this constant dialogue which inspires me.

September 2007: SGFA, Open Exhibition, Menier Gallery, London
January 2008: SLWA, Dulwich Picture Gallery, London
October 2008: SGFA, Open Exhibition, Menier Gallery, London
November 2008: JAGS Art Fair and Online Auction, London
April 2009: Greenstede Gallery, Chequermead Community Arts Centre, East Grinstead, Society of Graphic Fine Art

Education work:
1990 – Working in Secondary education Art & Design
2006 – Head of Art, James Allen’s Girls’ School, Dulwich, London