Philippa Beale ASGFA


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During the 1980s I was a conceptual artist making interventions on Billboards in the Old Kent Road; showing several videos on the Giant GMI screen in Leicester Square; installing 1000 Kilograms of apples at the Richard Demarco Gallery, Edinburgh ; exhibiting multilingual art works at The Akumulatory Gallery in Poland; screening a film about conceptual art at the Institute of Contemporary Art.

I was chosen by the critic Guy Brett as one of his choices at the AIR Gallery and produced work about the childhoods of artists as my project as Artist in Residence at Southampton City Art Gallery.

I was also President of the ‘London Group’.

When I retired in 2005 from being Director of Studies at Central Saint Martins UAL, I started to paint trees and woodland. In 2013, I became a founder member of the Arborealist Movement and have exhibited with them sixteen times since their inception.