Olive Webb SGFA

Email: olive@olivewebb.com

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I was educated at the North London Collegiate School

I have worked in the drawing offices of several London based Architects. During the years that my
children were at school I trained and taught as a primary school teacher.

As a mature student from 1990 I gained an honours degree in Fine Art from the University of Hertfordshire [formerly St Albans School of Art].

For several years I exhibited with the Heifer Gallery in London and through them I exhibited in the Covent Garden Festivals and also the Mayfair Arts Festivals.

My work doesn’t fall easily into categories. I rarely find one technique gives everything needed to develop an idea.

The work draws on various printing techniques, drawings, collages and painting in acrylics. The works are built slowly layer by layer starting with the germ of an idea, often narrative, which becomes the first layer. With this layered approach there is always an element of surprise…the unexpected juxtaposition of colour…achange of form…a new narrative.

The same motifs can appear throughout the work in different guises.