Mark Sutherland SGFA


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I am a full-time visual artist with a widely varied practice. Drawing,
painting and sculpture are all important aspects of my work.

Drawing lies at the heart of my artistic practice and I work with a life
model at every possible opportunity. I always have a sketchbook with me to
record and study people and objects. Drawing is a very important part of my
life and artistic practice. My current favourite drawing materials include
graphite, ink and charcoal.

Frequent formal elements in my artworks include the human figure as well as
traditional, sometimes obsolete, mechanical implements. I have a compelling
thematic interest in connections, joints and the interfaces between mechanic
and organic elements. The point where human interaction affects machinery,
or the organic becomes mechanical, and vice versa. This may manifest as
tools with a focus on the human interface, or people without tools.

Communication devices, grips and handles are frequent elements in my work.
In addition to drawing and painting, I also create sculptures in wood and
metal largely using traditional, pre-electric tools. Most of my sculptures
are informed by the human body, communication, and human-mechanical

Born in Cape Town in 1966, I was unable to pursue my art career full-time
until 2001. At the end of 2000 I was fortunate to be able to resign, from my
position as creative director in an advertising agency, to study Visual Art
at the University of South Africa. I have also previously worked as
radiographer, head of an artificial intelligence research group, illustrator
and horologer. My art practice frequently draws on experience gained in all
of these areas.

I was honoured to be elected as an associate of the SGFA in 2016. For the
past 6 years I have consistently had work selected for the annual
exhibitions of the Royal Society of British Artists. During this time I have
also shown at annual exhibitions of the NEAC and the Pastel Society, also at
the Mall Galleries. I have had work short-listed for RA Summer Exhibitions
three times. Outside of London my work has been exhibited in South Africa
and South East Kent.

Since 2006 I have been based in Folkestone, where I live with my wife and young son with whom I frequently share a studio.