Kit Surrey SGFA

Kit Surrey  SGFA

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All my work is intimately bound up with my interaction with the landscape. My starting point is nearly always through walking or climbing, whether on Dartmoor, or on the cliff tops and moors of West Penwith, that unique part of Cornwall beyond St. Ives to Lands End. Both are ancient landscapes shaped by our long usage of them.

Some drawings that I’m currently working on are specifically concerned with the place where land meets the sea. The sweeping granite and slate faces that form the Cornish coastline hold an irresistible fascination for me, both as a climber and as someone struck by the paradox of apparently immutable rock succumbing inevitably to the relentless erosion of the sea. The perpetual collision of two worlds carries such significance for us as an island people. The location of each drawing is identified very precisely, not only by the name given to the cliff by fellow climbers, but also by the Coastguard identity and by reference to a map and grid reference.