Keith Manning Kennedy Hon SGFA



Born in Ewhurst Surrey in 1941, which was then a small remote village, the noisiest traffic being German bombers overhead en route for London.

My life as an art-student spanned the eleven years from 1955 at Reigate via Worthing to The RA Schools, finishing in 1966.

Since then I have possibly aided the education of generations of full and part-time art-students. Latterly, I simply share my enthusiasms for watercolour on a Monday morning with a group of adult education students.

Not being familiar with fame or fortune, I am proud to boast inclusion in both the ‘Compendium of Watercolour Technique’ and ‘The New Encyclopedia of Watercolour Techniques’. The former considers me to be a noteworthy exponent of ‘negative space’, so I’m hoping for a positive future.

Also a member of The Sussex Watercolour Society