Karen Neale SGFA

Email: [email protected]
Website: www.karenneale.co.uk
Facebook: www.facebook.com/karennealeartist

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My passion is sketching and painting the world around me in my annotated, sketchbook diaries. Standing in situ I draw with a black biro as much as I can of what is going on around me, adding colour with my small field box of watercolours. The notes I’ve made around the perimeter are of observations made whilst sketching.

Four of my sketchbooks have been published – two volumes of ‘London in Landscape’, the ‘Stamford Sketchbook’, and ‘ A Fellow Traveller’, which records my sketchbook journey inspired by World Heritage Cities from Paris to Kathmandu as a Churchill Fellow.

In London I was ‘artist in residence’ at the Athenaeum, the Houses of Parliament, the Queen’s Club and ‘MCC Young Cricket Artist’ at Lord’s. Now based in Stamford I’ve been involved in wonderful local projects, working with Burghley Horse Trials, Stamford School, and Stamford Civic Society to name a few.

I also undertake wonderful commissions for individuals, such as painting places with special meaning to them, or creating bespoke illustrations for their projects. In addition I enjoy leading regular ‘Street Sketching’ workshops, getting others ‘out there’ to enjoy the peace and pleasure of drawing from life!