Jim Bray SGFA

Email: jimbray26@gmail.com

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Jim Bray, SGFA, UKCPS, works mainly with pen-and-ink and coloured pencil. Hailing from the north of England with family roots in Ireland and the Outer Hebrides, much of his work draws inspiration from the countryside, people and ambience of the North – its moors, hills, woods and wild skies. Spain and Latin America are also valuable sources.

Jim is a dedicated people-watcher, committing characters and situations to memory or quick sketches – often on envelopes, serviettes etc., but he tries to avoid table cloths.

He has illustrated a number of books and booklets on a wide range of subjects ie.: The Country Bus; Computers; Adoption; Help for Parents of Children with Reading Difficulties; and Historical Themes. His cartoons have appeared in various books and magazines.