Guy Watts ASGFA


Guy Watts ASGFA


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I was born in 1964. I specialise in detailed, dreamy, naïve and also complex hand drawn patterns. I was fairly familiar with using Rotring pens, using them regularly for geological work before the onset of computers around 1990. Following that, I initially produced my own designs for cassette covers, music being integral to my initial creative urges. After buying my first pair of glasses at the age of 27 in 1991, this sudden clarity in vision triggered the desire to draw larger images, generally A4 pieces of visionary art. I also became interested in yoga, and became more aware of focusing on the outdoors, going wild camping in the north of England, and for long walks and bike rides.

Over time, the drawings — especially around the years 1998-2001 — became increasingly complex, and I graded down to a finer 0.13mm Rotring pen. Each piece would take up to two months to execute, depending on other life commitments.

In 2001 I moved down south to Frome in Somerset, continuing to fit in my drawings around working away on the oil rigs as a geologist. I have taken large chunks of time solo touring by bike around various parts of Europe, living very cheaply and camping wild at the end of the day. In 2006 I made an overnight decision to concentrate more fully on my drawings. I left full time employment, and now work as a full time artist.

My Ideas

In planning a picture, I will sketch out the most basic of ideas on tiny bits of paper, after which I then concentrate on just the one drawing from start to finish. Some times it can take several years before I commit myself to developing the sketched idea, allowing the mind to process it and develop over time.

Other artists of considerable influence include Paul Klee, M C Escher, Vieira Da Silva and Yves Tanguey. Music also is fundamental in creating an ambience/background to my work, but I also like the peace and solitude of early morning starts.