Elizabeth Hammond ASGFA


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A line, in all its many manifestations, is always drawn. Between A and B it can be plotted, it can be walked, a figurative boundary, an identified edge, a stitch, a decision and an expression.

Elizabeth Hammond is a freelance Artist and Educator with a passion for drawing and sharing this with others. She completed her MA in Visual Art at Curtin University in Western Australia at the end of 2008 and now lives and works in Hampshire, England. Elizabeth is a Chapel Arts Studios Associate Artist and a Director of Artful Collective CIC. She worked for several years at Fremantle Arts Centre, Curtin University and for Open Universities Australia. She teaches all ages and has led professional development sessions as well as school classes alongside undergraduate tutorials in Drawing and Visual Culture.

Elizabeth has exhibited internationally, including ‘Constellations: A Large Number of Small Drawings’ at the RMIT Gallery and with the SGFA at the Mall Galleries. Her first solo exhibition ‘Curiosity of Incongruity’ was held in Perth, WA. Much of her work is in private collections and she enjoys working to commission.