Dr Susan Poole UKCPS SGFA

Email: susanelizabethpoole@hotmail.co.uk
Website: susanpoole.co.uk

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Susan has a mixed art and academic background. She gained an MA in Fine Art from Surrey Institute of Art and Design, but spent some years away from practice to research Aegean Art and Archaeology, for which she was awarded her PhD (University College London).

Susan retains an ongoing fascination with animals as subjects, not least because of the versatility they present in terms of form, colour and surface texture; like landscapes whose contours can be meticulously followed.  She has travelled extensively abroad and throughout the UK to make first hand studies. She also makes drawings and watercolours of objects found in her environment that embody particular personal meanings, layers of which might be uncovered like archaeological strata.

Susan was elected a member of the Society in 2013, and made Hon Secretary in 2015. She also belongs to the UK Coloured Pencil Society (elected signatory member 2013), the international Pencil Art Society, and the Association of Animal Artists. She has exhibited widely in national and international exhibitions and won a number of awards over the years, the most recent being third Best in Show with the international open exhibition of the Pencil Art Society in 2013, and Best Work in Show at the SGFA Annual Open Exhibition in 2014.