David Webster MSAI SGFA

Email: dehw@btconnect.com
Website: www.david-webster.co.uk/

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I paint pen and wash watercolour portraits of buildings and street scenes.

My drawings and paintings are very detailed. They are the result of learning how to look at and develop a building subject in all its detail and how to transfer that information to line and colour.

I love the contrast that an ink line gives on white paper, and how a gentle watercolour wash compliments that line to bring the whole drawing and composition to life.

I have lived with buildings all my working life. I know how they come together. The know-how comes from my previous career in civil engineering and construction project management, which came to a timely and welcome end some ten years or so ago, thus allowing me to fully concentrate on my career as an artist.

I love the individual character and shapes of buildings, whether singly or in groups: how they sit in their environment, their changing perspectives, and how shadows can transform them as the sun moves round.

So what better career than to be an artist — and to turn all this knowledge and skill into beautiful building portraits? My paintings have been taken to America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and France, Poland, Hungary and Malta as well as here in the UK.