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Drawing and painting has always been my passion. I studied a degree in three dimensional art at university which I enjoyed, but it was my sketchbooks which became the real focus of my work, and where my creativity flourished.

This really began to develop after moving to Helston, ‘The Gateway to The Lizard’ deep in the heart of south west Cornwall in 2012.

My work is a personal response to my surroundings in Cornwall. I am interested in the interaction between the people who have dwelt in the area throughout the centuries to the present day and the harsh but beautiful landscape. Within my work I examine the way people have tried to harness the land and sea to survive by looking at the fishing, farming and mining industries and the towns, harbours and agricultural land that have grown up around them. I also find hidden corners of the Cornish countryside which people may have missed and aim to portray the echoes of the past I see within them. I like to see what others may have missed and show the character of this dramatic environment, drenched in that special Cornish light. My aim is to make people feel a part of my artwork so that they can almost ‘walk into’ a drawing or painting, imagining what is just around the corner and creating their own story inspired by the piece.

I have exhibited throughout the country and am also a member of the National Acrylic Painters’ Association.