Marc Bodie ASGFA




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Marc is a multi-award winning, and internationally exhibiting artist. He has been exhibiting his work since 1993, this includes a 12-year representation with London gallery, McHardy Sculpture Company near Tower Bridge, for his emotionally charged sculptures, figurative works in bronze as well stone carvings plus drawings. He has sold work to many collections including Singer & Friedlander Merchant Bank in London. He continues to sell his work today in many parts of the world, also exhibiting in Berlin, Vienna, New York, Stockholm, Santa Fe, as well as many parts of the UK incl London and Glasgow etc.
Not only has his sculpture work been very well received but his emotive portrait drawings have also earned him many awards including very recently 1/3/23 at the Society of British Artists open exhibition at Mall Galleries, received the Anthony J Lester Art Critic Award.
Marc’s first love is drawing it is at the heart of his practice, from sketching out sculpture ideas to fully finished expressive artworks in themselves.
His work appears at many open exhibitions as well as art fairs by gallery representation. He is a Member of The Bath Society of Artists (BSA) & also recently became elected as an Associate Member of Society of Graphic Fine Arts.