The print ‘Leith Hill view’ has been derived from sweeping views from the top of Leith Hill Tower (the highest viewpoint in South East England).  The image was developed from a series of sketches and photos based on 3 views.   The print is a reduction linocut (all cut from one block) in 9 colours!

The majority of my prints are created using Reduction lino printing: This is a method whereby a multi colour print is pulled from a single block.  The lino is inked with the lightest colour and the first printing is made.  The areas to remain that colour are then cut away.  This is the process for each layer, therefore the process can not be rewound/repeated. As a result my editions are kept very small.

Picasso nicknamed Reduction lino cutting: ‘The suicide method’ hence its unforgiving nature!

Profile of the Artist: Jennifer Jokhoo ASGFA

Originally from New Zealand, printmaker Jennifer Jokhoo works from her home studio in the Surrey Hills. She has an eclectic interest in architectural structures; recurring geometry, pattern and the effects of colour and light. More recently her focus has shifted to the natural landscape. Architectural structures are now starting to feature as underlying elements in Jennifer’s work. Each reduction linocut is produced by hand; from the initial drawings, to the intricate cutting, inking and printing of editions. Her limited edition prints are crafted under the watchful eye of two Burmese cats and a Whippet!

Jennifer has been a member of the Greenwich Printmakers association since 2012.   She was elected an Associate member of SGFA in 2016.