Eleanor Mill ASGFA

Email: welcome@melibertine.com
Website: http://www.melibertine.com/graphic
Instagram: melibertine

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I am a watercolour and graphics artist. Foremost I work in a realistic manner. The centre place of my paintings belongs to cityscapes and ruins.

My hometown, Saint Petersburg, is one of the most brilliant cities of the world. Its abundant elegance and cultural heritage were suffusing my artistic way with inspiration.

My full artistic education has started with the School of Arts for Kids and has lasted for 12 years when I graduated as a specialist in Graphics Design. I have been exhibiting since my student times. That was the first time when I have been recognised and received my special award for the project «Live worthful in a rhythm of metropolis». That time I was a 4-year student of the Institute. Nowadays I am a prizer and my name is in the shortlists of many collective exhibitions in and outside Russia.

Along with my on-going artistic activity I collaborate with recognised companies producing art materials listed as: Hahnemühle, Strathmore, Princeton Brush, Alvin.

Being a watercolour and graphics artist I use to work with paper, graphite, black-chalk, ink and watercolour. Graphics is my greatest passion. Here one’s emotions become clean and colours – useless, while aesthetics of forms revives.

There has been a veritable firestorm of emotions each time I choose the next subject. As it’s crucial to reflect my own impressions – immediate emotions appeared at the certain moment and at the certain place. Triggering this action I oftentimes modify reality.

I am not steady in painting the right shapes but I create an illusion of reality, move structures and joint views. Having used hyperbola I keep the image.