Congratulations to VPSGFA Susan Poole on publishing her latest book, ‘Drawn to Animals’. A beautifully illustrated collection of drawings, watercolours, etchings and sketchbook studies by international award-winning artist Dr Susan Poole from her first-hand observations of a wide range of animals, both wild and domestic, across many continents.  This book contains over 100 illustrations, more than 60 in colour, together with some fascinating facts about each animal.

Susan has an MA in Fine Art and a PhD in Art and Archaeology from University College London, with work published on Aegean art. She is Vice President of the Society of Graphic Fine Art, a Signature member of the UK Coloured Pencil Society and a member of the Association of Animal Artists.

Animals are not easy subjects for an artist to draw because of their constant movement. Working sketchbook studies which led up to Susan’s final drawings have often been included. And in some instances, her observations remain as solely sketches, for the moment.

Whilst not intended to provide comprehensive information about the animals illustrated, some fascinating facts about each one as well as how and where it was seen have been included. And a list of sources and further reading is shown at the back of the book for anyone interested in expanding their knowledge.

Drawn to Animals: an artist’s encounters is published by Curlew Point Publishers UK and is for sale on-line from Waterstones, Foyles, Reader’s Empire, Amazon, or can be ordered through local bookshops or libraries. ISBN 978-1-8383988-0-4. £15.99.

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