REGENERATION III-THE TRIPTYCH an etching/aquatint (composite) is at the DRAWING TOGETHER SGFA online exhibition alongside REBUILDING THE BUILT XII.

It combines architectural elements from: New Zealand+South Africa+London+my home.

Previously shown at the Royal Academy
-London Original Print Fair & on
-ARTSY -RE Originals-Bankside Gallery
-selected for Unlocked Exhibition, Mall Galleries 5-10 July 2021.

REGENERATION I was shown at the
-SUMMER EXHIBITION at ROYAL ACADEMY in and  will be shown at the
-London Original Print Fair 1-8 May 21

REGENERATION, on GLASS, is a screenprint, a double-sided kiln-fired panels inspired by this etching.

Old skills acquired over 25 years ago: blowing, firing & leading glass, blacksmithing, ceramics etc.

In the east/orient generally there is not much distinction between ART & CRAFT, there is no elitism or hierarchy.

Written by Dr Sumi Perera SGFA, edited by Charlie Kirkham. To see more of Sumi’s work:

Drawing Together Online – Abstract Art Gallery

Instagram: @sumi_perera2_superpressedition

Sumi at the Royal Academy

London Original Print Fair

Craft in Conflict: Professor Chris Taylor interviews Dr Sumi Perera

Artsy Sumi Perera