Lockdown discoveries
During the last year with fewer opportunities for getting out and finding new subjects for drawing, I returned to photos and sketches from trips out in previous years.
Much to my surprise I found a number of great images that I hadn’t at the time used for whatever reason, hadn’t been inspired by, or simply overlooked in favour of the next thing that came along.
Revisiting some of these little gems has highlighted for me the wealth of possibilities from much of what has gone before. It has reminded me how fast moving life can be, and how we can so often miss things, being caught up in the hurlyburly of our lives and times.
And so here I am in lockdown, trawling through a taste of yesteryear, and thoroughly enjoying what I find!


Secret Garden
In a quieter corner of the gardens at Lanhydrock House, it felt like there was an element of mystery going on here. Of what might be behind this old arched door.
Taken from a sketch and photos in the gardens at Lanhydrock House, Cornwall.
Machu Picchu
On a trip to Peru where we went for our daughter’s wedding seven years ago (she married Felix, a Peruvian from Arequipa), we visited the magical Machu Picchu.
It is an incredible 15th century Inca citadel set high in the Andes mountains. There are panoramic views all around, buildings that play on astronomical alignments, and sophisticated dry stone walls and buildings.

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Written by Ruth Ezra, edited by Charlie Kirkham.


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