Paul Cousins: The Open Door, Pencil and Pen
20cm x 14cm

The Open Door

This drawing  was produced in January as the third lockdown began but was conceived back in September on the only day we ventured out.
It was a topic set by the Liverpool  Urban Sketching group who traditionally  start their annual drawing programme with a pub “crawl and sketching day” in the Georgian Quarter of the city.
The group meets in the world famous Philharmonic Pub on Hope Street and moves on to other equally old and visually interesting watering holes like Ye Cracke and Peter Kavanagh’s.  This much more sober drawing was reluctantly produced in the studio from reference I had taken on my brief visit last year.

Paul’s work is currently showing online through “Drawing Together”, to view click here.

Written by Paul Cousins, edited by Charlie Kirkham. 

Twitter @PaulCousins17