‘A walk to somewhere’ and ‘Tenuous connections’ are works using 2B graphite dust, 2B pencil, a white medium kneaded putty rubber and a small soft dabber.
Stages 3 & 5 show the initial simple line drawing and the dabbed graphite dust collected from the sharpenings of 2B clutch pencil leads. The areas vary from light to darker tones.
Stages 6 & 8 show the lifting out of highlights with the putty rubber and the introduction of texture using a very sharp 2B pencil.
Stage 9 shows the build up the drawing by adding the graphite powder, working in fine details, deepening shadows with your 2B pencil and lifting out highlights.

Michael’s work is currently showing online through “Drawing Together”, to view click here.

Written by Michael Walsh, edited by Charlie Kirkham. For more information about Michael see his website micalart.co.uk.  Also a facebook account  Facebook.com/michael.walsh.73932646/