Below Marie shares with us her sketchbook of studies that led to the works “Inner Tree” and “Roots” currently showing in our Drawing Together Online Exhibition.

These sketches were created by Marie Blake from September 2019 onwards, after a visit to her daughter in North West Ohio. As Marie explored the forests she came to see the trees as sentient beings and began a series entitled “Face to Face with Trees”. This forms the basis of her works in both Drawing Together, our current online exhibition and DRAW21, the Annual SGFA Exhibition, held at The Mall Galleries, London 5-10 July 2021.

I observe the elements within landscape and see them as having an awareness of their own, in the same way that  we understand the character of human beings through their visual expression. Trees by way of their texture, pattern and accidents of life provide endless examples and need very little in the way of graphic editing.  I always carry a small sketchbook as  my initial scribblings are closer to my way of seeing than any iPhone photograph. I also hope to promote the thought that our planet is in desperately in need of forests.


Marie’s work is showing in Drawing Together Online, please click here to view.

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