Ponte Vecchio, Florence

I usually start with a careful drawing, using my photograph as reference, taken while in Florence. Sky and water are painted first with the same blue colours. Pale washes were painted next with warm colours on the walls. I particularly enjoyed painting the figures under the arches and shops on the bridge behind them!

Stronger warm colours of rooftops and walls were painted next.

I finished the painting with tonal shadows on the bridge in watercolour and stronger construction lines with Inktense pencils.


Millennium Bridge, Salford Quays

I almost always start with the drawing in 2B pencil

Some masking fluid was applied to highlights (including the straight supports and vertical handrail supports) and light washes were painted in. As you can see, I toyed with the idea of figures, or one , in the centre of the bridge! (I could still add a figure when I am quite sure of what looks right for the situation! This bridge is near The Lowry Museum and Gallery on the right! This bridge was build long after L. S. Lowry’s time though, of course! The other structure on the left of this painting is Old Trafford – Manchester United Football Ground!

“Millennium Bridge, Salford Quays” I painted the subdued tones of the bridge structure at the back before removing the masking fluid and drawing the straight supports with Inktense pencils and a ruler to contrast with the lines of the side rails, drawn freehand to make them stand out in front of the architecture behind.

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Text by Margaret Eggleton, edited by Charlie Kirkham. To find out more about Margaret click below.