Understanding Paper: assessment and permanence for artists & fine printers

by Graham Williams

Paper quality is fundamental to graphic arts and fine print making. This book gives clear guidance on how to evaluate paper aesthetically and practically, including the difficult question of longevity. It is about paper however it is made, handmade, mould-made or machine made. It describes tests that can be carried out easily in the studio or workshop that allows the artist, fine printer and the conservator, to be self-reliant in ensuring that the papers they choose are truly suitable for their work.

This is a practical book, both readable and informative.  It examines succinctly the current International Standards for paper production, and what we can learn from science. Case studies and the detailed assessment of 34 papers demonstrate the need for greater understanding by the user.  There are some surprises even for those  who are currently well-informed. A new glossary clarifies some of the terms that will be encountered. A final chapter describes how modern letterpress ink can be made more suitable for a handpress.

Available on the Florin Press website – www.florinpress.com.