David Gleeson at work

David Gleeson at work


David Gleeson entered DRAW16 through the Open Submissions process. His work ‘Triple Self’ won the Best Drawing Award, sponsored by Stabilo International and Derwent.


In my self portraits I try to avoid the obvious poses and push the composition. The self portraits are in various media over the years depending on the idea and what is best to capture the concept.


David has been drawing ever since he can remember, favouring graphite pencils for their mark making ability. His work is firmly rooted in drawing. For inspiration David visits galleries to re-evaluate what is possible.

I like the Toulouse Lautrec quote: “I have always been a pencil.” Drawing became part of what I am fairly early in my life without me noticing! I draw in any medium, I really like marks and surfaces and all combinations of them. The medium makes a difference to the response. When I am drawing I try to work with the surface and the drawing materials and use their unique qualities. The interaction is always a surprise.
I do still have a fondness for graphite, it is, in many ways, unforgiving but very versatile from minute details to large gestures. 
I still really enjoy new combinations of methods and materials and feel that by using something unfamiliar, new and interesting responses will occur.


1039-STABILO_JPEG_island_logoThe Award for Best Drawing 2016 was sponsored by Stabilo International and Derwent. The SGFA would like to thank our sponsors for their continued support. 1066-Derwent0