Alex Maczkowski ASGFA

Alex Maczkowski ASGFA

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After studying printmaking at Chelsea School of Art, Maczkowski returned to his hometown of Dudley in the West Midlands where he continued to develop his fine art practice, focusing on painting. However, more recently, drawing has been his preferred medium.

For Maczkowski, drawing holds an infinite amount of possibilities.

The immediacy of drawing allows him to explore a number of different avenues simultaneously, stating that he favoured the investigative nature of drawing. Coming from a printmaking background, mark making has always been an intrinsic part of his work. Drawing poses significant challenges with regards to the interpretation of information with marks but there is also an exploration of the materiality at work here and its that dialogue between these two elements that particularly interests him.  His combining of traditional drawing materials with other mediums such as paint and encaustic wax, or presenting drawing in a more sculptural context pushes drawing new directions.