Louisa Crispin UA, ASGFA

Louisa Crispin UA, ASGFA

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Entranced by the cycle of growth and decay, Louisa captures the details on beautiful smooth Strathmore bristol board using ultra sharp pencils. It’s quiet in the studio, distanced from the world as she looks ever closer at plants, insects and birds. Texture, shadows, silhouettes and movement created with marks and tone, it’s rarely about the colour.

Recent work concentrates on the detail through Lichen, Floral and Insect drawings alongside some experimentation with Graphite and Silverpoint.

A career in finance and computing, followed by children and working with silver, Louisa discovered drawing in 2010. Winning the Pure Arts Group Drawing Prize in 2013 launched Louisa into an exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery, leading to successful applications to Society Open Exhibitions in London and membership of the Free Painters and Sculptors, the United Society of Artists (where she won a Strathmore Artist Papers prize in their members show at Bankside Gallery, London in 2015) and the Society of Graphic Fine Art.

Having gained experience of running a Gallery with Artist Cooperative Chalk Gallery in Lewes, Louisa joined the Artichoke Gallery in partnership with Sculptor Vicki Atkinson and Stitcher Liz Moys in 2014. She jointly organises the Cranbrook Art Show and is Creative Consultant and Selected Artist for Pure Arts Group.