Helen A. Noyce (Cole) SGFA

Email: helencoleartist@gmail.com

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My work is a journey of personal enquiry & discovery through experimentation & mixed media. It helps me to connect with the elemental landscape, striped to the bare essentials. My aim as an artist is to capture a sense of spontaneity, light and life. Every mark I make on paper or canvas presents to me intuitive possibilities. 

I respond to and draw inspiration from the abstract and spiritual elements of the landscape, including natural forms like rock strata, pebble’s & stones, rivers, seas, trees, lichens & seaweeds.    

A reoccurring theme is ‘Earth, Fire, Air, Water’. Colour is a bold element to my work. My palette is drawn from such natural things as wet pebbles, leaf forms, the setting sun, rising moon and the reflection of light on water & through trees. 

Artist influences include John Piper, Henri Matisse & Barbara Rae.

My drawings rely on first hand observation and are hugely important as they present the key inspiration and research for my paintings. This was my main objective in joining the Society of Graphic Fine Art in 2013.