Gary Cook ASGFA

Gary Cook  ASGFA

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After training at Bournemouth Arts University, where he was made an Honorary Fellow, Gary Cook joined The Sunday Times where he worked for 26 years, becoming graphics editor and winning many national and international awards for his artwork.

He is now pursuing his real passion – painting and campaigning about the environment. He combines his journalistic training with traditional painting skills to create infocanvases, which merge art and graphics. “I want people to look at my work and be drawn in by a dramatic image. Then, on closer inspection, discover the shocking statistics subtly drawn within the background about how we are in danger of losing so many magnificent animals by the way we are affecting the environment”.

Gary lives in Dorset and is a regular diver under Swanage pier, one of Dorset’s most popular marine spots, and he cares deeply about that stretch of coastline. “The light under the pier can be magical. I’ve found that many of my paintings feature water. In my work I find I’m often trying to recapture the strange counter-intuitive sense of being underwater.”

Through years of communicating ideas and information graphically in newspapers, he has developed a deep belief that paintings need not only be visually stimulating, but should harness their powerful impact to promote important messages directly. Rather than having to attempt an interpretation of what the artist seeks to express or simply reading the accompanying gallery notes, his infocanvases provide a more interactive, immersive explanation of the issue to support and complement the visual medium.