Evanss Liberts ASGFA

Evanss Liberts ASGFA

Email: evanss.art@gmail.com
Website:   www.evanssliberts.com

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Evanss Liberts was born in Riga, Latvia where he studied printmaking and graduated in 2008. Evanss is an artist who draws detailed monochrome abstract work infused with details of realism. He developed his own drawing techique on paper which can be mistaken with intaglio techniques. 

Imagination and inner spiritual path is central to his work. Every new subject or abstract idea can manifest in a variety of mediums including: painting (watercolour or acrylics), photography and three dimensional (sculpture or an installation).

Year 2016 brings a new chapter with large format canvas drawings. His latest work is dedicated to portraits influenced by theory of multidimentional existance.