Abbie Philips ASGFA

Abbie Philips ASGFA


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Drawing is a sensibility and action through which Abbie responds to the mind, body, and spirit. She considers the mind to be a fabricator of reality, an ever shifting labyrinth of consciousness, a well of memory and knowledge, a generator of thought, and the architect of belief and perception. In observing her own psychological patterns, emotional sensations, the visceral connection between them and corporeal behaviour, drawing becomes a mode to question, decode and translate these intangible experiences into intuitive visual records.  An exploratory journey of this primary resource often leads to drawings that resemble maps, cosmic realms, banks of data, unseen dimensions and unidentified organisms.

Abbie Phillips graduated from the University Of Gloucestershire in 2014 with a First Class BA Hons Degree in Fine Art Painting And Drawing, and has exhibited both nationally and internationally.